Misfats - The Worlds FATTEST Misfits Cover BandMmmmmm.... Food

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DateVenueAppearing WithCoverSausage
09/25/04Satyricon  Battery Legion  125 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR. New owners have not put up a web site yet...  
09/11/04Crocodile Cafe - Seattle, WA  Iron Maidens  $10  Venue Information Advance Ticket Sales 
09/10/04Barracuda's  The Iron Maidens  MFNW  Venue and Ticket Info 
08/27/04Conan's  Battery Legion (Bad Religion Tribute), Evening at the Black House  $7  Conan's Info 
08/07/04Good Times Bar and Grill  Odditors  free   
07/31/04Dante's  Mini Kiss, We Got The Meat (all male Go Go's Tribute)  $10 Adv.  Ticket and Venue Info 
06/26/04Java Jive - Tacoma, WA  TBA  Java Jive Homepage flyer 
06/25/04Le Voyeur - Olympia, WA  TBA  free  Le Voyeur Homepage flyer 
06/10/04Sabala's At Mt Tabor  Gotham Road, The Shift  Sabala's Homepage 
06/05/04Good Times Bar and Grill  S.O.B., Hussy  free   
05/22/04American Legion Hall - Roseburg  800 Octane, Courtesy Clerks, many others...  $5  Rock 4 Reason 
05/05/04Twilight Cafe  Courtesy Clerks, Los Rocktardos  None  Web Site FLYER 


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