Misfats - The Worlds FATTEST Misfits Cover BandMmmmmm.... Food

Where you're at
DateVenueAppearing WithCoverSausage
11/01/08Plan B - Portland, OR  The Kenny Rogers Experience, others  $5   
10/24/08Ash St. Saloon - Portland, OR  Michale Graves   
06/14/08Flights Pub - Everett, WA  MDC, The Bloodclots, P.A.W.N.S.  TBA   
06/12/08Plan B - Portland, OR  Murder Junkies  TBA   
05/28/08Slabtown - Portland, OR  Crimson Ghosts     
04/12/08Monstro's Pizza - Chico, CA  TBA  5 bones   
04/11/08Johnny B's - Medford, OR  TBA  TBA   
01/12/08Plan B  Shock Troops  Misfats and Shock Troops Sat., Jan. 12th 10pm $3 Plan B 1305 SE 8th St Portland, OR 97214 Yep, it's a bar but it's non-smoking. Only two bands so we'll probably go on around 11:30pm that night. See you there! 
12/31/07The Matador (Portland, OR)  it's just us!  TBA  Come join us at the Matador for the Misfats New Years Eve Bash! 
12/29/07Ash St. Saloon (Portland, OR)  Shock Troops, Fist of Dishonor, Sunken Chest  $6  Planning on having the post-Christmas blues? Then shove THIS in your stocking! 
10/27/07Ash St. Saloon (Portland, OR)  Motorbreath, Same Old Situation  Cheap   
03/18/07Emo's - Austin, TX  TBA  TBA  club info
02/07/07Ash Street Saloon(Portland, OR)  Darkbuster, iknowkungfu  TBA   
01/13/07Ash St - Portland, OR  Motorbreath, ShockTRooper   
10/27/06John Henry's - Eugene, OR       


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