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June 30th, 2004
July shows are now listed in the "shows" section. There's a particularly interesting one on July 31st...
June 22nd, 2004
Due to rampant illness in the Misfats camp, the "Who Killed Colonel Saunders?" WA State mini-tour has been cancelled. Sir Lord Butterscotch is laid up with a nasty viral infection, and Foil Von FranksnBeans' has been laid up with the cold from hell for the last two weeks.

We hope to make these dates up in the near future. Our apologies to the bands and clubs in Olympia and Tacoma.
June 11th, 2004

Just got home from the Gotham Road show. How do you describe opening for a guy who fronted one of the most important bands in punk history? Before this show the only exposure we'd had to Michaele Graves was the "American Psycho" and "Famous Monsters" CDs, the "Scream" (directed by none other than George A. Romero), "American Psycho", and "Dig Up Her Bones" videos, his call to Howard Stern, and his postings to ConservativePunk.com.

We were kind of expecting an overbearing, politically-charged monster. What we met was a soft-spoken, incredibly nice guy with an awesome sense of humor, an incredible singing voice, and a desire only to make an evening of entertainment for those in attendance. During our set, Michaele was watching us from back of the hall, with a big grin on his face. We were absolutely stoked that he thought our schtick was funny.

The Gotham Road set was fantastic. The group busted out some Graves era Misfits songs toward the end - "Scream", "Dig Up Her Bones", and "Saturday Night" were all played perfectly. In an incredibly flattering move, Graves' payed us props ("this one's called 'I Turned Into A Lardass'"), a moment I'll never forget.

Afterwards, we got to rap with Mike and the Gotham Road kids for a bit. They were all nicer than I could ever imagine.

What an evening.

June 6th, 2004
Thanks to Good Times Bar and Grill and everybody who came out to see us. The show was a lot of fun. Hussy rocked, as did S.O.B. (except for Bill - he sucked). We hope you all enjoyed the tunes, and the Li'l Debbie snack cakes...

We're all a-shiver in anticipation for Thursday's show with Gotham Road (featuring ex-Misfit Michaele Graves). Be there to see the Misfit meet the Misfats!
May 28th, 2004
Big news:

The Misfats are gonna open for Michael Graves' new band - Gotham Road. See "shows" for more details.
May 27th, 2004
The 'fats wanna say thanks to all the kids who came out and saw us play in Roseburg. Thanks for all the hot dogs.

We also wanna thank the Seven Feathers Casino for reminding us that craps is for sucks.

Pics from Roseburg are up.
May 19th, 2004
After their jaunt down to Southern Oregon this weekend, the Misfats are directing their appetites to the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound region. They will waddle their way up to Olympia and Tacoma in late June. Check the "shows" section for more info.
May 12th, 2004
The upcoming Misfats stop in Roseburg has generated a story in the "Orange R", the newspaper of Roseburg High School. The article reads as follows:

Punks Bid Farewell to Local Rock 4 Reason Scene With Final Festival

Kehli Kytlica Asst. Editor

“Punk rock is in my blood,” said NateAllen, head of Rock 4 Reason, a localorganization that puts on concerts.“Since listening to Green Day in 1994,I’ve been hooked. It was love at firstbeat.

”In February of 2002, Allen started a small webzine (an online publication)called Rock 4 Reason that featured interviews with influential punk bands(from Bad Religion to Guttermouth to Millencolin to lesser known groups like Iknowkungfu and the Dead Unknown). The notoriety he gained from this project spurred requests for concerts, and, calling upon the experience he gained by "throwing” (putting on shows) in high school, he decided to give it a try. Assembling a crew of four close friends(Darci Howell, Andy Cameron, Tyler Hentschel, and Craig Wienburg), Allen attached the name Rock 4 Reason to their new promotion company and dove right in.

"I lined up seven shows and figured I’d try and make it through the summer without running out of money,” said Allen. “Rock 4 Reason was started out of a desire to fill the void of quality punk and hardcore in the local, all-ages music scene.”

While scheduling conflicts left the first few shows with audiences of roughly 15 kids, the word spread andthe end of the summer brought crowds of 75 or more to American Legion Hall, the venue most of the scene’s die-hards call home.

“Honestly, I expected to do okay,” Allen confessed. “[But] when we hit our second show and started to run out ofmoney, I got pretty depressed. I don’t think Darci [Howell] knows this, but she pretty much kept Rock 4 Reason aliveby encouraging me.”

Though Roseburg didn’t seem like a hub of punk rock activity, the kids welcomed Allen and his compatriots with open arms. Allen attested, “The town has been absolutely amazing! The kids have been nothing short of incredible.Honestly, Rock 4 Reason would not exist without Roseburg having just about the‘raddest’ group of kids on the face of the earth!”

Of course, much of the credit goes to the bands that have played for nothing but gas money and a meal at Denny’s. Many of them have come to embrace the Roseburg scene asif it was their own. Vancouver punk band Iknowkungfu’s bassist Bill Niese called Roseburg his favorite place to play in over 15 years of live music.Unfortunately, it’s time for the “Burg” to say farewell to its beloved scene’s creator. Allen has decided to move to San Francisco to attend school. First, he plans to start a band of his own and play shows with some oft he groups he has befriended over thepast two years, having what he calls a “rock’n’roll summer.” He also plans to continue throwing shows in the big city.

Though he has a bright future ahead of him, the choice to move is bittersweet. He is leaving behind many friends and will miss all of the people involved in the punk scene.

Allen said, “Leaving the Rock 4 Reason scene behind is honestly the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I’d love to make Roseburg the rock and roll capitol of the world, but I guess that will be someone else’s job for the foreseeable future.

”No one knows exactly what will happen after Allen leaves, but some individuals have discussed doing something similar to keep the current community intact, though nothing is set in stone.

Though it may seem he has one foot out the door already, Allen isn’t done yet. On May 22, Rock 4 Reason is holding its final show, a festival entitled “Birds Will Sing No More.”The show will last from 3:00 to 10:00 p.m. and will take place at American Legion Hall. It will cost five dollars tosee 15 bands familiar with the scene,including SuperMutant, The Tor-pedo Kids, TheMisfats (a band led by Niese that plays Misfits covers about food), Left Waiting, This Day’s End, The Courtesy Clerks, Ambitious Career Woman, 800 Octane, Dead Unknown, The Iotolas,Blue Sky Mile, Thirty3 (for whom theshow is also a CD release), The Fall of Troy, and Iknowkungfu and Countdown to Life (both of whom are also celebrating new releases).

“15 bands for five dollars. That’s 33 cents a band people!” laughed Allen.“It’s the most amazing deal. The eventwill have 12 headliners and, not only do I feel we are bringing many of the northwest’s finest bands, but I consider every band… to be personal friends.

”Allen also plans to have a huge barbeque for all who attend and is pro-ducing a new zine/scrapbook, new stickers, and probably many other free items that will be “thrown at” everyone who comes. No one can deny the huge impact Allen and his shows have had on Roseburg and its youth. Before Rock 4 Reason’s conception, there was nothing, but Allen breathed life into a dead scene.Rock 4 Reason also paved the way for many other music-related ventures that have recently sprung into life in town.

“Rock 4 Reason set out to provide a safe place for kids to enjoy great music and I believe we have accomplished this,” Allen affirms. “Against the odds,we have made it just a few days short of two years and it has been amazing. I think Rock 4 Reason has modeled consistency and love to a culture very lacking in both. We also have provided a hell of a lot of good times!”

It is obvious that Rock 4 Reason willbe remembered by all of those who were involved and those who found their niche amongst the raucous music and the ragtag group of strangers that slowly, but surely, became a family.

“We accepted whoever came [to theshows] and showed them genuine love and acceptance,” Allen proudly stated.“I believe in our small, close-minded town, we have bucked the trend and showed that all people are important!”

The Misfats make special note that iknowkungfu bass player Bill Niese was mentioned twice. We make note of this because Foil Von Franksnbeans has eaten Mr. Niese. On a serious note - Nate has done an amazing job at bringing some phenomenal rock bands to the small town of Roseburg, and the Misfats are honored to be in attendance at his sending off party.

May 11th, 2004
Pics from the Twilight Cafe show are up.

Watch out Roseburg - you're next. When the Misfats sit around your club, they REALLY sit around your club...
May 6th, 2004
Thanks to all from the Feast Club for showing up at the Twilight Cafe. We had a great time, and it was awesome to see such a big crowd come out on a weeknight. Remember - today is "International No-Diet Day" - so load up on fat and carbs. You owe it to yourself.


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