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August 26th, 2004
The Portland Mercury has been kind enough to pay attention to our upcoming show at Conan's:

(Conan's, 3862 SE Hawthorne) No matter where you live, you can't drive with a devil's lock over your eye for too long without striking someone who once covered the Misfits. From Bratmobile to Sloppy Seconds, from Goldfinger to Metallica to Cradle of Filth, punk and metal groups crave Misfits tunes like astrozombies hunger for brains. And that doesn't even start to cover the hundreds of local bands who think it would be oh-so-spooky to play an all-Misfits set on Halloween. But see, the Misfats are different. Unlike NOFX's average-proportioned Fat Mike, these guys not only look the portly part, but also tweak Misfits lyrics to celebrate the lard-ass lifestyle. "20 Pies" and "Mommy, Can I Go Out and Grill Tonight?" rank among the finest food-based parodies since Weird Al's gloriously gluttonous "Eat It" and "Fat." AM

August 16th, 2004
Watch out, Seattle. The Misfats are coming for your food, your beer, and your women.

We've been invited by the good folks at Thrasher Presents to open up for The Iron Maidens, a killer all-female Maiden tribute band out of L.A. We'll be the opener on their Portland stop during MusicFestNW, and then travel up to Seattle and open up for 'em at the Crocodile.

See the "Shows" section for more info and ticket information.
August 9th, 2004
Dante's photos are finally here! See 'em in the "Photos" section.
August 8th, 2004
Thanks to everybody who came out to Good Times Bar and Grill last night. It's always fun sharing a bill with the Odditors. Make sure to go see them at the White Eagle Saloon this Wednesday! Thanks to those of you we know who showed up, and extra special thanks to the new faces who managed to find out about a show that had absolutely zero promotion behind it.

There are still some problems with the website which are preventing us from uploading the Dante's pics. We will have this resolved, and the pics should be up very soon...
August 1st, 2004
The show with Mini-Kiss was a rousing success. The club was sold out, and the full capacity crowd was loud and boisterous. Thanks to everybody who came out, and for giving us such a warm welcome. We hope you enjoyed the candy. Thanks to Dante's for having us, to We Got the Meat to sharing the bill with us, and thanks to Hair Force One and Red Bull for lending your support. Special thanks to Mini Kiss for rocking the joint stupid, and for being a decent group of fellows.

Pics will be posted soon.
July 29th, 2004
The press keeps rollin' in for Saturday's show with Mini-Kiss and We Got the Meat.

The Oregonian puts the show on it's top five music picks for the week:

"3. Mini-Kiss, We Got The Meat, The Misfats
The freak-value, not high-quality musicianship, is the factor behind this pick. Check out Mini-Kiss, "the officially-sanctioned midget KISS tribute band," We Got The Meat, "the all-male Go-Go's tribute band in drag," and The Misfats, "the world's fattest Misfits tribute band." If you couldn't guess, this show is sponsored by Hair Force One (a Flügtag team) & Red Bull. Freaks run with freaks."

We're also in The Portland Mercury:

(Dante's, 1 SW 3rd) In the '90s, during the first wave of tribute bands, I wasn't entirely convinced. Then came the gimmicks and irony and it just kept rolling and getting more elaborate untilÉ Mini-Kiss?!?! Jesus! It's little people in full Kiss regalia! Leprechaun wasn't that scary! What more (in a tribute band) could you possibly want? Giants? To that end, the Misfats have got you covered. Even if Danzig wanted to kick their asses, for perceived hegemony or whatever, I'll bet you the price of admission he couldn't.
July 28th, 2004
More love from Willamette Week:

Mini-KISS, We Got the Meat, The Misfats
This show makes me deliriously happy. The prospect of a freakishly tiny Ace Frehley, the all-male, all-drag GoGo's assault We Got the Meat, and the Yankovic-esque spewings of roly-poly Misfits' lovers, the Misfats, sharing the same, smoky airspace gives me the same warm tingle as the weirdos who collect Beanie Babies do. We shan't attest to the musical prowess of any of these idolaters--but hell, when you're worshiping the platform heels of three bands whose bread and butter was/is slapstick, bulldog braggadocio and sexy tank tops--you've got a head start. (KC) [ULTIMATE TRIBUTE]

July 20th, 2004
Mp3s from the Sabalas show are up. Check em out in the Sounds section.
July 9th, 2004
Tickets for the Mini-Kiss show are now available here. However, if you buy them directly from the club you can save yourself the "convenience" fee.

Then again, the fat lifestyle is all about convenience - whatever the cost. If you deem it worth $2 to not have to leave your house, well, far be it from us to argue.
July 8th, 2004
Wanna see Glen Danzig get beat down by a fat guy? You know you do...

Go here to find out how!


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