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September 5th, 2005
Due to a number of circumstances - some seen, and some unforseen, the Misfats are cancelling their scheduled L.A. appearance on October 1. Still - Necrocomicon is going to kick ass, and we hope that everybody still goes and checks it out. Hopefully we can be there next year.
August 28th, 2005
Yeah. You read that right. Your trusty (and beefy) compadres in The Misfats will be opening up for none other than metal-icons Quiet Riot. This is not a Quiet Riot tribute - it's the real goddam deal. It all happens in the lovely city of Seattle on September 16. Check the "Shows" page for information on how to save five bucks by ordering your tickets in advance.
July 28th, 2005
Much thanks to the city of San Francisco, the Hemlock Tavern, Knights of the New Crusade, and Jewdriver for welcoming us with open arms. We had a great time down there.

Extra special thanks to Mr. Jello Biafra for showing up. Meeting Jello was a dream fulfilled for these aging punk rockers.

We had a great time in SF, and hope to see everybody again very soon.
July 4th, 2005
Note to our Southern California readers. The Misfats will be appearing in Los Angeles for one night only on October 2. This is our ONLY scheduled L.A. show for the immediate future. Be there!
May 25th, 2005
Finally, it can be announced. The Misfats will be participating in the Thrasher Presents "Return to CBGB" show. This will be part of the famous "Low Dough" series at Dante's. The show is Thursday, June 30, and the cover is a low, low five bucks. For that, you'll get us, The Romanes (Portland's finest Ramones tribute), and Blondage (a Blondie tribute). It's bound to be a great time.
May 3rd, 2005
Yet another big show announcement in the pike. Final arrangements are currently being made. Expect an announcement as soon as the lineup and date is set.
April 30th, 2005
We've had a couple of requests regarding the availability of advance tickets for the San Francisco show on July 22. The truth is - we don't know if there are advance tickets for sale or not, but we DO know that this show will sell out. So...get there early. Folks coming from out of town may want to call the Hemlock Tavern and see what they need to do to ensure a seat at this historic occassion.
April 18th, 2005
What does Fat Mike think of The Misfats? Listen here to find out.
April 10th, 2005
The "Special Guest" on our debut California show can now be named. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Jewdriver.

Jewdriver does to Skrewdriver what we do to the Misfits - take the songs, change the words, and make 'em funny. However, they have the added bonus of being Jewish gentlemen who take Skrewdriver's racist lyrics and turn 'em into songs about Bagels and lox and such.

And if you think these boys can't rock, well, what if I told you that the band contained former members of such punk luminaries as Op Ivy? What would you say then, hmm?
March 29th, 2005
Huge news for Huge People - The Misfats are coming to California! We will be appearing at the Hemlock Tavern in lovely San Francisco, CA on Friday, July 22. This will be the first time we set foot (and belly) outside of the Pacific Northwest, and we are not sure when we'll be able to do it again. So - if you live in CA and want to see us - July 22 is the time to do it.

You're L.A. based, you say? Well, pack up the kids and make the drive up to S.F. We're driving ten hours - we're only asking you to drive six, ingrate.

Appearing with us are the mighty Knights Of The New Crusade, who have appealed to us to bring them heathens that they might save. Who are we to say no to the Lord's work? Also appearing is an as yet unnamed "special guest" who will probably be named in the next couple of days. And, if it's indeed the band that we are currently courting, you will NOT want to miss this show. More news on that later.

In the meantime, mark your calendars, Californians. The Misfats are comin' to town.


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