Misfats - The Worlds FATTEST Misfits Cover BandMmmmmm.... Food

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1234A kick ass Ramones Tribute Band from Seattle.
Chewin' the FatTalk and share your admiration of all things fat here.
Fast Food FeverShows you fun stuff like how to make a McNugget Burger. Greasy and tasty.
Fat positionsHighly useful information
Fats fuel o' choiceBrilliant!
iknowkungfuSome a-holes we know.
Jerry and Doyle ComicsJerry and Doyle star in their own online comic strip!
Lil' Debbie - the original Ms. FatAffordable paradise
Meat.orgThese people make us sick. No, really - sick bastards, all of 'em.
MisfitsSome guys that cover our tunes, but remove the food references and make the songs about horror movies and stuff.
OdditorsThey are odd. They are homely and kinda pudgy. They are the Odditors. They rock. When they play, shout "Otters rock!" at them. They like that.
Official Misfats DancersSimply amazing
One of the best cartoons ever
Our current fansJoin the Fiend Club Sandwich today!
Potted Meat WorldChoose the "Browse by meat" option.
Sons of CalculonThe fat one knows how to make a killer batch of wings.
The Iron MaidensBest. Metal. Tribute. Ever.
The National Assoc. to Advance Fat AcceptanceThey rejected my idea for the last word to be "Dominance" but whatever.
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